Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage

Staithes Festival has established itself as one of the friendliest festival on the coast – a must-go-to event in the regional arts calendar.

During the weekend some 100+ cottages in the village become temporary art galleries in a unique selling exhibition. Staithes heritage is also celebrated in fossils, fishing, historic photographs and film shows.

North York Moors, Scarborough Borough Council and Welcome to Yorkshire
Light on the Beach

Glenn Kilpatrick

Staithes Festival Artists Beginning with D

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From Oslo, Norway. Studied English, History. Teacher's Academy. Course in oil painting at 12 ys. Commercial aeroplane pilot. Radiosonde observations in Arctic. Three books, one TV documentary. Managed Teknoteket in Oslo and Whitby Wizard: interactive science exhibits.

Venue: The Studio, 2 Brown's Terrace/19

Medium: Oil Painting

Pat Dalton

My work is inspired by North East coastline. Rolled out clay is textured and impressed with seaweed, shells and objects found on the beach, and then formed into dishes and bowls, Oxides are applied to bisque fired pots to highlight different areas. Dishes are multi-glazed using a variety of glazes. Glass is placed in the base of the dish to create the impression of a rock pool and then fired to stoneware (1250oC) in an electric kiln. I also make boulder and crevice pots, which are coiled. Each piece is individual.

Venue: Dining Room 2, Trig Point/11

Medium: Hand-Built Ceramics

Emma Hodgson @ Coppertop Designs

Coppertop Designs are friends Emma Hodgson and Nicola Davey. We design and make handmade, one off felt accessories and homewares using traditional wet felting and Nino felting. We make scarves, cowls, brooches, jewellery, felt soaps, bowls, hats, hand warmers, cushions, bags etc. We also sell raw materials.

Venue: Lifeboat Cottage, Northside/60

Medium: Handmade Felt Accessories

Atty Dickson

A self taught sculptor and artist using found materials and inspired by the sea

Venue: The Cottage, High Street/62

Medium: Upcycled Flotsam

John studied at Shrewsbury School of Art then went to Bradford Regional College of Art to study film, theatre and television. While he was in his parenting role he attended Hull College of Art studying fine art. He loves painting his beautiful local area in West Yorkshire. In the last year, he has been painting north east seascapes in oils and watercolour.

Venue: 3 Cowbar Bank/57

Medium: Oils, Watercolours, Acrylics

Nick Dudding

After years working as an Advertising creative in London I relocated to North Yorkshire to ‘live the dream’ and pursue a career as an artist. I started drawing about four years ago in soft pastels and most of my work thus far has been commissioned portraits with the odd exception. For ‘Staithes’ I wanted to create a number of images that reflect my surroundings. So I’ve taken the core ingredients: the landscapes, the sunsets, the dry stone walls, the heather, the clear skies, the birds, the hawthorn bushes and the sheep and put them together in a series of composites.

Venue: Kindly Light Cottage, 4 Slip Top/71

Medium: Soft Pastels