Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage

Staithes Festival has established itself as one of the friendliest festival on the coast – a must-go-to event in the regional arts calendar.

During the weekend some 100+ cottages in the village become temporary art galleries in a unique selling exhibition. Staithes heritage is also celebrated in fossils, fishing, historic photographs and film shows.

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Glenn Kilpatrick

Exhibiting at the Staithes Festival

The Staithes Festival is an 'open' festival. There is no selection panel, anyone may apply. The houses and cottages that make up the temporary ‘galleries’ during the  Festival are either let or loaned by villagers or holiday cottage owners. There are a finite number of houses available and we do not have any substantial public buildings available.

Finding a Venue: Since its inception in 2012, the Festival has been oversubscribed. We are very happy for artists to find their own venue, either by exhibiting in their own home, borrowing/renting from friends or renting one of the many commercial holiday lets in the village (providing the owners have given their permission). We do not hold a list of all the cottages available as this changes from year to year. If you go to the Accommodation pages, you will see a list of holiday lets and it is a matter of ringing round and seeing what is available.

Artists without a venue should  apply on the application form for ARTISTS WITHOUT A VENUE. We will try and place you  in a vacant venue or with a resident who has offered to host an artist. We usually invite the host to choose from the artwork provided, the person they wish to host.

We will endeavour to place new artists who have not exhibited at the Festival before.

Trig Point: There are new developments at Trig Point the former holiday camp at the top of the village. The site is being redesigned with new chalet homes being constructed. We are not sure yet whether the large dining rooms  will be available to us as a shared venue for some 12-14 artists. If it is available places will be offered to new artists who have not exhibited before and who do not have a venue. Please make sure you complete the 'artists without a venue' form or your application may be diverted and delayed. 

While we try to accommodate everyone, we almost always have to turn people away because we do not have enough properties available. It will take some time after registration opens for us to know which properties are available, so please do be patient, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Accommodation: Although we know that accommodation is limited, we suggest that if you do not have a venue, you do not book your accommodation. Some places take a non refundable deposit and we would hate you to lose your deposit if a venue to exhibit was not available.

Contacting your host: Once you have a venue and you have registered, it is up to you the artist, to make contact with your host if applicable and to agree with them to view the property if necessary, how and where you will hang or display your work, your arrival and departure etc.

Registration: Registration opens on 1st February and closes on 30th April 2019. No more applications will be accepted after that date. Putting on the festival involves a huge amount of work for the organisers and it helps enormously if you register in good time. 

Prior to the Festival: We will write to  you a month before the Festival with further information about setting up, preview evening etc.

A Festival Office (a gazebo) will be set up on the weekend outside Staithes Gallery. This is where you will collect your Artists Pack which will contain all the necessary paperwork and information for exhibitors, balloons and feedback forms.

Commission: The committee who administer the Festival do so on a voluntary basis. Each year we spend a great deal of time chasing late payers. Please pay your commission promptly after the festival.