Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage

Staithes Festival has established itself as one of the friendliest festival on the coast – a must-go-to event in the regional arts calendar.

During the weekend some 100+ cottages in the village become temporary art galleries in a unique selling exhibition. Staithes heritage is also celebrated in fossils, fishing, historic photographs and film shows.

North York Moors, Scarborough Borough Council and Welcome to Yorkshire
Light on the Beach

Glenn Kilpatrick

Staithes Festival Artists Beginning with K

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Adele Karmazyn

Adele studied for her B. A. (Hons) Degree in Textile Art at Winchester School of Art. After a period of travelling she returned to her calling completing a diploma in Children's book illustration. It was after this that she turned to using her camera and photoshop. Mostly self taught in the digital field, combining her hand drawings and painting skills with this gives her work a unique mix of various techniques.

Venue: Slipway Cottage, Beckside

Medium: Digital Photomontage

Bridget Bernadette Karn

Bridget Bernadette Karn is a self taught textile artist, who uses wool like paint to create figurative images. She learnt the basics of felting at her craft club in 2010 and saw the potential for picture making. By 2014 Bridget’s passion for felt picture making had grown into a business. She has exhibited throughout England, including in the RA Summer Exhibition 2016 and been a finalist in York Culture Awards 2017 for Best Visual Artist. As a member of York Textile Artists she is on a mission to promote textile art to a wider audience.

Venue: Benjamin’s Cottage, 15 Staithes Lane

Medium: Textile Artist

Zoe Catherine Kendall

​Zoe is a York based artist who graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Jewellery Design in 2007. Her practice has evolved to explore multiple disciplines including painting, ceramics, sculpture and object, with a focus on adornment, ‘making’ and self-expression. Zoe finds inspiration in the creative human story, from ancient jewellery and artefacts, through to contemporary painting and installation, delving into themes of identity, experience, the environment and our position within it. The resultant artworks and pieces of jewellery reveal a personal voice and aesthetic with a universal, cultural resonance.

Venue: Bethel, High Street

Medium: Fine-artist, Jeweller, Painter

Mick Kirkby-geddes

I use junk metal in my work because i enjoy working with the interesting shapes and like to change them into new objects. I feel compelled to re-use junk metal and give it a new lease of life. It’s like a personal mission not to see anything go to waste. Mixed together with new metal these discarded objects live again as parts of sculptural animals, people, robots, vehicles, in fact anything really. I make sculpture for indoors and outdoors, i work on private commissions as well as large public art pieces, exhibit in galleries and regularly work in schools’.

Venue: Roraima House, 40 Staithes Lane

Medium: Metal sculpture

Tom Kolesnikowicz

I am a retired Police Officer and have had a love for photography since I was a young boy. Throughout my life I have always had a passion to document life events in photographic images and for a number of years assisted friends in their Wedding photography businesses. Approximately 14 years ago I was introduced to North Yorkshire and the village of Robin Hoods Bay and a few years after that Staithes which is now an annual trip documenting the changes around the village and the different seasons. I have only ever been a visitor of the Festival but have always craved to exhibit the numerous images I have taken over the years and stay in the village with my family to partake in the atmosphere.

Venue: Kindly Light Cottage, 4 Slip Top

Medium: Photographer