Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage

Staithes Festival has established itself as one of the friendliest festival on the coast – a must-go-to event in the regional arts calendar.

During the weekend some 100+ cottages in the village become temporary art galleries in a unique selling exhibition. Staithes heritage is also celebrated in fossils, fishing, historic photographs and film shows.

North York Moors, Scarborough Borough Council and Welcome to Yorkshire

Glenn Kilpatrick

Terms and Conditions

  1. All  caterers wishing to provide food at the festival must tell us what they intend to provide by first registering their interest here.
  2. All caterers whether commercial or non-commercial must also complete an application  through the Festival website using the online registration system for caterers. 
  3. All caterers must complete their application before 30th June. No more applications will be accepted after that date.
  4. Caterers must provide their own cooking facilities and equipment including wet weather cover. If they use local electricity eg a nearby house, this must be an agreement between the food provider and the local electricity provider and suitable payment agreed.
  5. Food suppliers should be aware of nearby local food businesses and must not impede or in any way obstruct their signage or entrance. Nor should visiting suppliers post banners or signs within the vicinity of regular businesses.
  6. Caterers should not compete or provide similar food and drink to the regular businesses nearby.
  7. All plates, cups, boxes, packaging and utensils must be compostable and recyclable.
  8. Caterers must ensure they dispose of their waste responsibly. They must provide separate facilities at their pitch for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. They must remove their waste from their site at the end of each day. They must not leave any waste, including food waste outside overnight. They must not use village litter bins for disposing of kitchen waste. They must ensure there are bins provided around their site for the public to dispose of waste. 
  9. Caterers must make themselves aware of the sensible food hygiene precautions and provide soap and water for hand washing at their site.
  10. Small scale non-commercial food providers must agree to submit 10% of their takings at the end of the Festival.
  11. Commercial suppliers whether full-time or part-time, must agree to pay £250 per pitch up front. No commission payment is required.
  12. No food or drink provider should set up without the Festival's approval.
  13. No alcohol should be served at any venue without a licence.
  14. Food providers are responsible for their own public liability insurance. Liability rests with the food provider and not the Festival.
  15. Vehicles are permitted to enter the old village to load and unload. They must not be parked in the old village either during the day or overnight.