Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage

Staithes Festival has established itself as one of the friendliest festival on the coast – a must-go-to event in the regional arts calendar.

During the weekend some 100+ cottages in the village become temporary art galleries in a unique selling exhibition. Staithes heritage is also celebrated in fossils, fishing, historic photographs and film shows.

North York Moors, Scarborough Borough Council and Welcome to Yorkshire
Light on the Beach

Glenn Kilpatrick

Staithes Festival Artists Beginning with C

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Chris Carbro

Living near Whitby I spend much time sketching and painting on the coast.The sea offers endless inspiration and painting outside always leaves an indelible impression that I can tap into later and forms the basis of all my work. Studying the sea helps me to capture the ever-changing movement of the waves and the fleeting effects of light and weather. My oil paintings evoke the sea in all its moods throughout the year from the drama of winter storms to the vibrant colour and glistening light of calm summer days.

Venue: The Studio, 2 Brown's Terrace/19

Medium: Marine Artist

Staithes Arts And Crafts Centre

The Arts and Crafts Centre can be found on the ground floor of St Peter's Church in Staithes which was taken over by a group of enthusiastic Staithes artists and crafts some years ago. Over the years, the makers have been joined by artists from further afield, and the centre has evolved into a splendid, higgledy piggledy, Aladdins cave of creativity. We are a cooperative selling a wide range of unique handmade goods to suit all tastes and budgets; clocks, knitted fish, leather belts, jewellery, textiles, pottery, photographs, paintings and so much more. The shop is run by our members who can talk to you about the items for sale.

Venue: St Peter's Church, Church Street/91

Medium: Local Arts & Crafts

Sue Chipchase

Since graduating with a degree in Fine Art, I have concentrated on painting using acrylics and oils. I paint to explore colour and texture through the process of building up and scraping back layers, often incorporating materials such as marble dust, plaster and cold wax medium. Sometimes my ideas are developed as abstract compositions, though recent work has been more semi-figurative and focused on the local coast and estuary landscape. I currently work from Studio 14 at Saltburn Artists Studios.

Venue: Salmon Cottage, High St/65

Medium: Paintings

Nick Claiden

Nick Claiden lives and works in Leeds. She works in mixed media on paper but over the last 12 years has focused more on her stained glass sculptural pieces. Her lively and colourful work is strongly narrative in content and includes concepts of time, body language and flights of birds. She uses these themes both in her glass and in her paintings. The glass is painted, often sculptural and uses some fused glass. Her paintings use watercolour and are incorporating elements of her glass practice. She undertakes commissions for glass pieces and an example can be seen at her venue.

Venue: Wavecrest, Seaton Garth/94

Medium: Stained Glass Sculptures

Lyn Clarke

There is something very satisfying about eating from or cooking in a hand made pot. I make functional earthenware and stoneware pots near Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. They are made to be used and enjoyed. I love Staithes and the North York Moors and I am fascinated by the ever changing colours of the sea. The glazes are a mixture of commercial and my own glazes. All of my pots are food safe, dishwasher safe and oven proof. They are the colours of the earth, the sea and the sky.

Venue: Corner Cottage, Beckside/47

Medium: Ceramics

Michelle Clarke-Stables

As an artist my practice has always been a reflection and narrative of my own journey. I’ve used interdisciplinary materials over the past 20 years but I’m primarily a sculptor who has now returned to using plaster, straw and casting found objects. I have also used video, layered text and paint to create work and to help translate my thoughts into visual work. As an artist I’m inspired by life, conversations, relationships, memories and often the written document. I believe my childhood greatly influenced my practice as an artist and continues to fuel my current work. I’ve recently collaborated with a musician exploring the impact on an audience when using a combination of music and sculpture. I’m currently making work again with music that also includes the use of scent. I’m interested in making honest work that can connect emotionally with an audience

Venue: East Lea, High Street/69

Medium: Sculpture, Installation

Malcolm Coils

Malcolm lives in Durham City and is primarily a traditional watercolour artist specialising in landscapes and coastal scenes of northern England from pencil sketches drawn in the field. Recent developments include acrylics, pastels and mixed media in a semi-abstract format.

Venue: Dining Room 1, Trig Point/10

Medium: Painting

Eliza Conway

I am a retired teacher with a passion for textiles and their history. I make rag rugs from old pure wool blankets and yarn using three main techniques - proddy, hooking and peg loom weaving. I hunt down old tools to use and sell with other vintage textile related treasures. I also enjoy making small knitted and woven gifts. I have been a member of the Staithes Arts and Crafts Group for many years

Venue: Sealey Cottage, High Barrass/80

Medium: Textiles

Nicola Davey @ Coppertop-Designs

After completing my degree in Textiles and Surface Pattern I started a Textile design business. In the last few years I have taught Textiles to secondary and 6th form students, while continuing to make my own Textile art. I work across material areas and love to experiment with fibres, yarns and fabrics. It's exciting to start with fibres and create unique textile pieces. My work is based on the coast and local flora and embellished with vintage finds such as beads and brooches.

Venue: Lifeboat Cottage, Northside/60

Medium: Handmade Felt Accessories

David Cowling

I work in vitreous enamel, mostly copper bowls and small panels. Kiln firing melts the enamel, which is specially formulated powdered glass, fusing it to the underlying metal. Using the technique of “high firing”, some pieces are taken to much higher temperatures than normal so that new colours and patterns emerge in interesting and unpredictable ways. White enamels can turn green or blue and some lustrous colours only develop when the piece is glowing almost white hot. Finally I often apply gold leaf to my bowls to enhance the luminosity of the enamel.

Venue: The Moorings, Mount Pleasant/21

Medium: Vitreous Enamel

Anthony Cox

Anthony splits his creative time between painting and sculpture. He is greatly inspired by the scenery of Northern Britain and is attracted to naturally occurring compositions that stop him in his tracks, whether its the lay of the land or the look of the day. He is often attracted to scenes with a pathway leading the viewer in and enjoys painting water and reflections. His sculptural work is inspired by the human figure and take the form of both representational and stylized pieces. Moulds are taken from his clay originals and limited editions are cold cast in bronze resin.

Venue: Dining Room 2, Trig Point/11

Medium: Painting, Sculpture

Anderson Creations

My name is Derek Anderson and I am based in the North-East of England. I create sculptural metal art forms by employing the skills of a silversmith combined with the passion of an artist. Each piece of material I work with is unique: inspired by its natural properties, I hammer the metal to release its potential. I take my inspiration from nature - from formal roses and orchids, through to animal sculptures of sea creatures and majestic horned skulls - each piece expresses my observation of the natural world and the beauty of our surroundings.

Venue: Lynn Cottage, High Street/16

Medium: Sculpture

Bean Creative

Living and crafting right on the North East coast, Geraldine Pattinsons handmade jewellery combines Sterling silver with the warmth of recycled copper. She is continually drawn to nature and inspired by its textures, imperfections and asymmetry. Always experimenting she melts, textures and recycles every scrap, to produce unique, tactile pieces. She also teaches workshops in silver jewellery, glass fusing, needle and wet felting.

Venue: Captain Cook Inn Gallery/9

Medium: Jewellery

The Fabulous Czainskis

The Yorkshire based artists, Paul and Chris Czainski work both individually and as the collaborative partnership "The Fabulous Czainskis".  As The Fabulous Czainskis they create installations, joint exhibitions , short films and performance.  Their first joint exhibition on the Yorkshire coast prompted the gallery owner to refer them as "The Fabulous Czainskis" and the label has stuck. Their work emerges from their view of the world where they take a less than serious attitude to current artistic expectations. They enjoy the surreal. the theatrical and the curious. Some of their recent collaborations have been a "House of Jars", a Pop-up "Museum of Curiosity" and a pop-up cinema showing one of their short surrealist films and they are permanent curators of a local history museum in a telephone kiosk.

Venue: Tudor Rose Cottage, Garth Ends/67

Medium: Multi-Media Artists